About our institute

The IPROMASHPROM design institute (till 1965 the company was called GSPI-7 State Specialized Project Institute) was established to develop design documentation for construction, reconstruction and technical reequipment of existing artillery armament manufacturers in 1937.

During the World War II specialists of the Institute developed design documentation for evacuated plants to provide their quick startup. In the post-war period the Institute was aimed at reconstruction of damaged enterprises within short limits and construction of new ones taking into account demands of the times and scientific progress.

As special equipment of the latest design was developed, industrial and defense potential was raised, the Institute faced with more complex tasks. Volumes of design and survey works were raised substantially.

Within 1951-1966 the Institute made decisions to open regional branches in Dnepropetrovsk, Zlatoust, Izhevsk, Krasnoyarsk and design departments in Leningrad and Omsk in order to design new and reconstructed objects in due time. Since the end of 1965 IPROMASHPROM has been the leading design institute of space industry as a part of the General Mechanical Engineering Ministry till 1991, and of the Federal Space Agency to present day.

IPROMASHPROM, as a general designer, has participated in the development of large enterprises, experimental, laboratory, testing and industrial installations trying out and manufacturing new space products, special and dual-purpose equipment, scientific and research institutes such as instrument making industries in Kostroma, Novopolotsk and Sosensk, NPO Lavochkin branch in Kaluga, NPO Composite, TsNIIMASh, NPO IT (Korolev), NII KP (Leningrad), testing basis NIIKhIMMASh (Peresvet, Moscow region), laboratory and engineering facilities of KB TKhM, KB TM, NPO Tekhnomash, Agat enterprise, NII PM (Moscow), Baikonur cosmodrome objects trying out Energia-Buran complex , and many other objects of space industries.

In 1969 IPROMASHPROM was awarded the Labour Red Banner order in honor of its contribution to establishment of experimental basis for space equipment testing.

Along with its major activity, the Institute designed civil objects such as motor-car factory in Izhevsk, freezer manufacturing plant in Krasnoyarsk; cultural facilities such as Baikonur museum of cosmonautics, house of culture in Kaluga region; hospital complexes in Novogorsk, Peresvet (Moscow region), Sosensk (Kaluga region); policlinics in Moscow, Korolev, Khimki; health centers in Yurmala, Alupka, Kislovodsk, Podlipki, and other objects of social infrastructure.

Since the mid-80s the major line of the Institutes activities has been development of design documents on reconstruction and technical rearmament of space industries. Due to such works, they can raise their potential aimed at the uptake of new space products manufacturing that helps Russia hold the leading position in space exploration and gain sufficient industrial and defense potentials.

At present the Institute has been working with the following enterprises: Khrunitchev space centre (Moscow), RSC Progress (Samara), RSC Energia (Korolev, Moscow region), and other leading space industries in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Voronezh, Saratov, Krasnoyarsk, Votkinsk, and regions of Moscow, Kaluga, Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, and Baikonur cosmodrome.

In recent years the IPROMASHPROM activities have been enlarged considerably. Along with designing of Russias defense enterprises, the Institute has made on a tender basis design documents on industrial and civil objects such as reconstruction of Russian Ministry of Economic Development facilities, Moscow Autoframos plant making Renault cars, assembly facilities of German, Chinese and Korean cars at the enterprises of Autotor-Holding industrial group in Kaliningrad, Toyota dealer centre in Yaroslavl, VEKA AG plastic profile plant in Moscow region, Svyaz-Engineering plant manufacturing uninterruptible power-supply sources in Moscow, residential houses in Moscow, Odintsov, Korolev, Peresvet and others, hypermarkets Mosmart and Metro Cash & Carry in Moscow, Moscow Financial and Juridical Academy facilities in Moscow and many other objects.

All over its history, IPROMASHPROM has constantly cooperated with Russian Central State Expertise Council (Glavgosexpertiza).

New economic situation, wide range of designed objects, significant growth of production volume expected new approaches to the design process management. Thats why IPROMASHPROM was one of the first project bureaus in the Russian Federation who developed and in 1999 introduced Quality Management System (QMS), which meets the requirements of the international ISO 9001 standard and guarantees conformance of project documentation with customer requirements. QMS effective performance is confirmed by certificates and successful certification and observation audit trials on conformance with GOST ISO 9001 and ISO 9001.

Quality of design works is assured all over production cycle. IPROMASHPROM determined and keeps the precedence rule on design process management that influences product quality beginning from signing of the contract up to readiness of design documentation and field supervision on construction. It means organization and realization of input control, control at the stage of design documentation development, analysis of reached design decisions, final control, as well as verification and validation of the design documents. The Institute established the Experts Council to examine and to analyze the effectiveness of the designing process. On the results of its work, suggestions on improvement and raising of the design documentation quality are made.

Within the framework of QMS the specialists constantly monitor customers satisfaction by the design works of the Institute. Customers evaluations and suggestions are analyzed in detail that allows taking measures on improvement of IPROMASHPROM work to raise the quality of the provided services. This analysis demonstrates that the index of customers satisfaction has been growing from year to year.

The priority of the recruitment policy of the Institute is to work with young specialists to interest them, to make favorable conditions for enlargement of their experience and climbing of the career ladder, and to train and to advance the stuff reserve. In order to interest young specialists IPROMASHPROM works with graduates and last-year students of Russian best technical and engineering universities and colleges such as MGTU Bauman, MAI, MATI, MGSU, MIIT, MGUP and other.

IPROMASHPROM leaders policy is aimed at raising of competitive capacity of the Institute due to complex designing, strict execution of contractual commitments, creation of mutually beneficial and long-term relations with customers at the high quality of works.

The Institute has repeatedly participated in Russian contests to rate design and survey enterprises held by the Federal Agency on construction, housing and communal services, by the Russian Union of Constructors, and Labor Union of workers of construction and industry and construction materials. On the results of these contests IPROMASHPROM has steadily entered the number of the most successful companies.

IPROMASHPROM company shows its readiness and invites for partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation enterprises and organizations of different type of ownership to accomplish complex design tasks.